Our Management

Message From the Director – Karn U. K.

U K Karn

Education is a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence. DPS- a name that needs no introduction in the field of quality education has taken a giant leap towards excellence in even the remotest part of the country. The emergence of DPS Supaul is an unprecedented boost to quality education in this region. It is a vision to promote total neurological and physical growth of tiny toddlers in emotional and ecologically, friendly environment.

DPS Supaul, a new era in education, is devoted to bring a radical transformation in the field of education by nursing the kids and grooming the juniors and seniors who can be the torches bearers of tomorrow. We are solemnly devoted to bring a change in society through the students by inculcating a strong sense of discipline, moral values, and humanitarian qualities.

We adapt a highly resourceful experiential learning method in which learning takes place not through teaching but through activities agreeable to the children’s nature paving a way to their optimum natural growth and development. The institution acts as the nerve centre of activity based learning.

With the beginning of DPS Supaul we hope to get recognised as an educational force both in academic and in co-curricular activities. Indeed the aforesaid is a tough task but our curriculum and methodology are capable to achieve the goal.

“We believe in honesty and integrity and are entrusted and dedicated to safe guard them.”

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